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The guy claims to know more than anyone about anything. Which is literally impossible. The sad thing is that his incompetence on THIS subject is going to kill more Americans than all his other fuckups combined.


Now Jared is heading the research on this pandemic.


Arguing with this is just showing blind hate for Trump without any thought to the matter at hand. He’s actually right on this one, for one simple reason. The mortality rate is very easily lower than the current 2% to 3% range. This is calculated based on known cases, but it’s no stretch of the imagination to say that there are many, many unknown non-severe cases out there. All of those would end up in the denominator when calculating the mortality rate; making it much lower than stated. Simple.


You’re way behind the curve on this, Drumpf changed his mind on this one days ago.
Try to keep up, your fearless leader is in “taking it very seriously, denying responsibility while blaming others especially Obama for it” mode now.

tiki god

I had to dump like 15 posts from the queue because he said one thing (no more travel from the EU!) then immediately went to twitter to say the exact opposite thing.