Congratulations President Trump

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    He’s gonna make up for it, and the ‘carona’ virus, by giving a tax break.


    And the stock market is what he was hoping for to be a major reason to reelect him. So he’s shitting bricks.


    Two days after this post: “Dow rallies 1,294 points, most in its history”

    tiki god

    what kind of alternate reality are you living in that you think that’s good news?


    Oh I get it, you don’t want the stock market (and peoples retirement accounts, nest eggs, etc.) to succeed. Glad you’re sticking up for regular folks, buddy!

    tiki god

    I’m talking about the wild swings in the market, which have nothing to do with what you’re suggesting. I have thousands of dollars going up and down all over the place in my retirement plan and it’s all fucking bullshit.

    I need stability, not insanity.