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    It should have. It is a great failure of our leadership that we allowed the public’s hysterical reaction to nuclear power to kill such programs.

    Anyone who believes that mankind causes climate change is needs to only look at their own radical climate activities to know why we are still dependent on carbon based fuels, instead of perfectly clean and nearly 100% renewable nuclear energy.

    tiki god

    perfectly clean and nearly 100% renewable

    except for the problem of what do with the spent fuel and how dangerous the entire operation is when it goes “really bad”


    Take a look at Thorium reactors. You may wonder WTF have we been using Plutonium all these years.


    There as never been a operation that went really bad in the west world. Ever. TMI and that one in Japan were not “really bad”, hysterical people blew it out of proportion. We run little baby reactors on little boats (subs) under 400 feet long, and they’ve never had an issue. We could have reactors in every single town, have a totally decentralized power grid that is nearly immune to natural disaster, or terrorist attack. But no. To your other point, nuclear fuel rods are almost infinitely rechargeable, there is no waste to speak of. Hell, 2nd rate countries like… Read more »

    tiki god

    Thorium is a pipe dream, and I HAVE spoken to nuke techs, even some of the ones that were on subs. American alone is stock pilling tons of nuclear waste and we have no clue what to do with it because absolutely no one wants it in their back yard and it takes over a millennium for it to be safe again. Nuclear rods are not rechargable, they don’t hold a charge at all, that’s not how they work, even in the slightest. once they’re disapated and don’t react as well as they did previously they’re casked and stored in… Read more »


    Jesus, listen to Homer Simpson here….


    Hanford is a prime example of the risk. There’s much more going on there in terms of containment issues than one article can describe, but you can see part of the scope of the problem. Nobody wants a nuclear waste dump even inside a mountain in their neighbourhood.

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