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“Cis girls don’t understand that trans girls take testosterone blockers.”


Still a strange area of law that we aren’t anywhere close to being able to deal with yet.
Hell, we still don’t have a workable definition of male/female in sports that can handle natural chromosome, genitalia or sex hormone ambiguity, let alone trans sex.
We are barely at the begining of this conversation…


What is interesting is when you talk to actual trans-people.

Not the freaks, as they put it, who want to play dress up, but those who actually under go the surgery. They believe they were born wrong, and want to fix it and move on. No live for years or decades making a Spectacle of themselves.

Old Tofu

and most don’t want to use their advantage in sports , just a few outliers trying to ruin things for others

Old Tofu

and you don’t understand that men and women’s bone structure and musculature are different. there’s a reason why these transgender women are busting through all the records made by biological women. taking testosterone blockers for a few years doesn’t negate the whole lifetime of developing as a man.