Trump Acquitted as Impeachment Trial Comes to an End

The Senate voted on Wednesday to acquit President Trump, a largely foreordained outcome to the impeachment trial examining whether he violated his Constitutional duty in his dealings with Ukraine. …


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    tiki god

    to clarify, he was convicted, he admitted to doing it, but the republicans in the senate decided to do nothing about it.


    Acquittal does not mean that he’s innocent.


    Boo hoo. The choice to remove Trump from office should have been left in the hands of the voters this coming November, instead of playing this intensely partisan show trial.


    It was only partisan because the Republicans made it so. Trump has violated the Constitution, and if the Senate wasn’t bogged down with goosesteppers, he would’ve been removed from office. But he’ll be removed from office anyway next November as more and more investigations reveal more and more wrongdoing that the Repukes will have to explain away.


    You’ve got a little trickle down on your chin there Malcove….

    tiki god

    So your response to him being convicted of rigging an election is to say “ok, let’s wait until that election is over” to do anything about it?


    He wasn’t convicted of anything. If the house managers had built and brought a stronger case, he would’ve been removed..

    tiki god

    I’ve seen that lie from other people but it never gets more appealing. The senate didn’t hold a trial, so how could he be acquited?


    Literally, his lawyers defense was “Yeah, he did it. So? The President can’t abuse power. He’s the President. Duh.” He did abuse power, he had a clear case made, and the Republicans railroaded it out of the Senate. Before they even had the case in front of them they said they weren’t giving it the time of day. They’ve undermined the checks and balances inherent in our government again, and the fact that people aren’t taking to the streets over it baffles me.

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