these edibles ain’t shit

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    Years ago, before marijuana was legalized in Washington, I used to go to the Farmers Market with my trusty medical marijuana card. One weekend, I won their daily raffle. That included over an ounce of different types of weed, and a whole bunch of edibles. The cherry bon-bons were so delicious, I ate them all. WOW did I get fucked up! It was awesome.


    About ten years ago, I found a recipe for pot butter. I cooked some up for a smoothie recipe I wanted to try. The recipe called for a quarter cup of pot butter but I had over a cup. Well being the brilliant person I am, I said fuck it and added it all I had no experience with edibles so how bad could it be, lol! OMG I was beyond fucked up, I couldn’t even walk and I was screaming to call 911, my exwife, who was the reason I tried this recipe in the first place, got sick… Read more »