I got a job

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    The involuntary connection “money=happiness”, people have is sad.


    Hell of a lot more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.

    Besides, “money doesn’t buy happiness” is a phrase that was originally directed at the newly wealthy. Those in poverty would be a LOT happier if they had more money coming in.


    Suicide rates go down when minimum wages are raised. More effective than any other factor reported to this date.
    Paywall warning…


    Yes, when your living is hell, it’s better to be dead. What’s so strange, unexpected about it ?


    That depends what Mercedes, and what bike.

    Also, why in hell, when someone is happy just about having money, someone must utter that dumb phrase, about “not being able to buy happiness” ? Was he glad that now he can buy “Hapiness Deluxe”, or that custom made “Happines Platinum Pro” ? No, he was happy about something entirely else, but the “responder” is either trying to tell his own story\projecting, or braindeadly trained by “society”.