Nothing Else Matters


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    tiki god

    it’s shit like this that just makes my brain hurt. literally none of these are fundamentally true, but if you just don’t know much about anything, then sure, you’ll think it’s all true from a specific point of view.

    case in point: the stock market doing so fantastic, which doesn’t really effect 99% of americans at all. that’s just a 1% indicator that we all get to have a peak at.


    Oddly, it makes no freaking mention of the variety of crimes that Mr. Trump has, himself, committed. (The Emoluments clause ain’t “fake”, and bribery is actually a thing, and paying off porn actresses to keep silent about a relationship is, in fact, a campaign expense.)

    I mean, I remember the case of the bank robber that got off because, as the judge ruled, he was a great house painter. Oh, no wait. That never happened.


    Tax Cuts = doubling annual deficit spending to more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS per year.
    Deregulation = pollution and worker abuse, greed unchecked by morality or law.
    Employment at record levels, but inflation adjusted pay flat for decades even with record level corporate profits.

    Republicans are embarrassingly myopic and selfish. I wish I could watch every republican voter feed into an under-powered wood chipper, right after they watch their kids go in.


    Well said; all the way up to kids in the wood chipper: that, not so much.

    Old Tofu

    *fed . . . fixed it


    You can watch a tree branch feed into a wood chipper or be fed into a wood chipper. If you just replaced feed with fed in that sentence then the grammar becomes… poor.
    So… **”be fed” if you prefer.


    If you want to point out the redundancy of using “annual” with “per year”, I’ll totally back you up.

    Old Tofu

    nah , I’m cool with redundancy . . . sometimes I do need to be told twice , lol


    wow, y’all triggered LMAO