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Never did understand that fetish. Still don’t.

tiki god

I don’t get it either, but as someone that has some weird fetishes, I’m perfectly happy with letting other people enjoy what they want to enjoy, especially if it’s at no detriment to others.

Brevity Truta

One popular theory – “The authors reviewed historical literature and hypothesized a relationship between epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases and foot fetishism. They tested this hypothesis by quantifying foot-fetish depictions in the mass-circulation pornographic literature during a 30-yr. interval. An exponential increase was noted during the period of the current AIDS epidemic.” Here ? I like that it’s called podophilia, and agreed Tiki, diffrn’t strokes and all. Feet are feet to me, I do enjoy ballet dancers’ feet, not sexually but to marvel at in contrast to their lightness and floaty tulle when they’re in classical costume – those feet… Read more »


AFAIC, adult and consenting people, can play with each-others “Play-Deuce”.