Polish Military History Museum

Going back centuries. Some amazing examples of Teutonic Armor, weapons, &l. As will as a damned impressive collection of WWI and WWII equipment, uniforms, and paintings from about the 18th century onward. Some of which were good enough to trigger the facial recognition software on my phone.
























































































































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    tiki god

    I’m not entirely sure why, but some of the images didnt’ come over, but the original gallery is still available on the plus side:

    looks like it was a fun trip!


    No worries, President Trump is preparing something really hot, just for you !


    We got good, old, 4chan for that kind of content.
    And MCS had its war amputee already, so…


    I chuckled.


    The craftsmanship on those polearms are fantastic. Then take into account that they were made five hundred years ago, it’s astounding! None of that oxy-acetylene torch stuff like you see today…