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There are lots of Volunteer fire Departments and ambulance services all across america, helping keep your taxes low.

IF you’re a hottie, help out.

Also. Sauce?


The fires are in Australia, Einstein!


I happen to have no idea if the Australia fire service uses volunteers. I do know of needs here.

I also know that these fires are caused entirely by three things: arson, their failure to do controlled burns, and the fact that they’ve left their island a dry shithole without doing even basic terraforming, so my sympathy is low.


I think you missed the point.
Also, I don’t think the koalas, or the ‘roos could do anything about controlled burns, or terraforming – this isn’t a cartoon, and it’s the animals are getting burned alive out of existence, not humans down there.


Unless she did 1girl1cup, or was fucked by dogs, and horses on those nude photos, this is a hypocritical overreaction on the part of her family.
If this was only softcore\erotica, the dude is overacting too.
Though Instagram is right, although strangely “selective”.


If you think sex workers “sell their bodies” but coal miners don’t, your views on labor is clouded by your moralistic view of sexuality.