2019 Year In Review

For the second time ever, a year in review!

There was only a single theme day this year:

Top 20 Commenters for 2019, I’m not the most talkative this year!

jediadept 654
tiki god 606
Saborlas 481
notspamming 452
Brevity Truta 430
Soong 289
Gropegrope 251
storminator 203
GrandAdmiralThrawn 115
przxqgl 82
mightyconan 74
fatherdougal 61
marcuserektus 58
Jac 57
Greenman037 52
Old Tofu 52
bloth 47
MalcoveMagnesia 47
Wollocks 41
tj755 32


For post submissions, not a ton of surprises:

storminator 3906
Wollocks 33
jediadept 18
MalcoveMagnesia 15
GrandAdmiralThrawn 14
npbnjvsxynpsff 14
TheBleakranger 3
jorb 2
smeg 2
Orin 2
przxqgl 2
j_bryon 1
saborlas 1
gpeise 1
1localsucker 1
R10pez10 1
bloth 1
nobody knows 1
Soong 1


Anyone want to suggest how to make people post more?

2019 lost some pretty cool people:

Peter Mayhew, Julie Adams, Dick Dale, Grumpy Cat, Rip Torn, Jessi Combs, Cokie Roberts, Aron Eisenberg, DC Fontana, Rene Auberjonois

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    Neat. I made the top 20.


    I love you too. Keep up the good work.


    Honestly I miss the old user submission system. It was extremely basic and seemed to function more smoothly, at least at the user end.

    Would have bet I submitted more then that though. Only 14. For the year?


    Doing that on the last day of the year, is just yearning for troubles…


    Done. actually doing….the internet here is trash…


    Yay, top five*2.


    Platinum Plus (TM)


    Remember when you had enough people posting to have Theme Days? Good times…


    Not just facebook. I pulled some great stuff from stumble upon.

    Brevity Truta

    Happy New Year all XD I’m kinda bummed I didn’t come in at 420. Tiki you asked: Anyone want to suggest how to make people post more? Facebook’s not a patch on this place, Tiki. Thanks for what you do. Thanks for the Album galleries especially, Storms. I’m behind on them but not because I’ve lost interest, not even close. I’ve just been tied up. Happily, still, I reckon I can do a couple tonight. Jedi, you’re a good egg, and funny, too. All of you, in some way or another, even that guy who doesn’t read anything. Even Thrawn,… Read more »


    Thanks- I have many more ALBUMS to post!


    Thanks, you are too kind.
    I’ve been computerless for about a month, I didn’t realize just how dependent on them I am.


    It was rough but doable since I knew I had a replacement coming; I did sleep more though.


    FYI my last two submissions were pretty large. You may want to break them up.


    Would it be better if I resubmit in smaller packets?

    When I view under my submission they all seem to come up nicely.


    Well Yay! I made the comment list but I guess I better step up my submissions count…

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