tattoine confrontation

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    “We are a consular ship on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan!”
    “Do you think I’m stupid, woman? This ship just disconnected from a Mon Cal cruiser at Scarif. I WATCHED IT HAPPEN. You remember Scarif, right? Big damn space station showed up? We glassed a base the size of a small city with one shot? Ringing any bells?”

    tiki god

    It’s not clear from the movies, but if you read the 15 books set between Rogue One and A New Hope, you’ll learn that the Tantive V stopped at 4 other planets and was having problems with it’s hyperdrive, that’s why the Star Destroyer was able to catch up with them.


    Or, you know, if you don’t buy into the reboot and the horrible retcon, and realize that star destroyers are extremely fast ships, which makes since considering they fill the roll of a destroyer or cruiser . Fast, well gunned and armored (for their small size), inexpensive and disposable.

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