Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Gay Moment Doesnt Faze Chinese Audiences Censors

The first gay kiss of the “Star Wars” film franchise has surprisingly survived China’s censors and made it to the big screens across the country. Audiences were unfazed as well – or, in…

Unfortunately I saw this article before I went to see the film and I was looking for the stupid “gay kiss” the entire film. Spoiler: it’s after the resolution of the third act, and is on screen for like 2 seconds and it’s not who you hoped it would be.


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    Droids, like communists, are not people.

    Clearly they need a memory wipe.


    “Unfortunately” you saw the article before you saw the film so you share it here to make sure at least a few more people do as well? Cool story, Bro.

    tiki god

    Anyone that hasn’t seen it yet doesn’t care about spoilers. You’re right though, but I wanted anyone expecting star wars to be gay to not get their gay hopes up


    Jesus Christ, it’s been out a week. So if one doesn’t run with the fucking stampedes on a holiday week to sit in a crowded theater filled with reproductive byproducts and sticky floors… that person doesn’t care about spoilers.
    I’ll just let you know again that I think the primary reason you continue to run this site is so you can troll a user base without getting banned. Whether it’s spoilers, infuriatingly incorrect titles on posts, or just weeks straight with just pictures of dump trucks… Maybe the continual frustration is why the user base dwindled.

    tiki god

    I miss the dump truck days


    “Dump Truck Days” should be the name of an edgy Punk standard.

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