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Console generations are getting shorter. Soon they’ll expect us to shovel out $500 a year like iCultists. At which point it would be cheaper to just build a PC.

tiki god

Easy there old man, xbox one was released over 6 years ago, and this one isn’t coming out for another year.

it’s also a big box that’s essentially just a nearly cutting edge PC that’s going to run nearly $700. they’re going to support the xbox one X for a few years after this release too.

the concept of console “generations” is dead.


The cloud will save us all. No special hardware, play on any platform, mobile, what’s not to like?

tiki god

Until your account is automatically banned because you said “denigrate” and it thought you were racist, then you lose your entire library of games with no way to appeal.


OR Comcast blocks their server IPs. Or throttles them.