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    tiki god

    Russia would like a chat with you


    People down voting you like you’re not correct Malcove…

    tiki god

    What an absolutely fucked up thing to say. It’s almost like you have no idea what you’re even referring to.


    Good. The last thing we need is a corrupt cop in the White House. Who tried to criminalize truancy and punish parents for their kid playing hooky without their knowledge. She also tried to weasel out of a Supreme Court ruling establishing that massively overcrowded prisons were unconstitutional. She loves civil asset forfeiture (the cops take your stuff if you’re suspected of getting it illegally or using it to commit crimes… being exonerated does not mean you get it back). She promised reform and provided very little at a high price (some were helped but many more were hurt).

    Harris was a deeply troubling candidate. Just a few steps away from being a DINOSAUR (Democrat In Name Only, Sorry-Ass Undercover Republican).

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