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    This photo is a lie. *Fact* Not every member did. Many were forced to testify against their will. *Fact* The Secretary of the Navy’s actions were illegal, as it violated double jeopardy, because Chief Petty Officer Gallagher had received a trial. *Fact* Most enlisted members of the military, including myself feel was nothing more then a witch hunt by arm chair officers who have never actually seen combat. *Opinion, but that is our feeling* Chief Petty Officer Gallagher was pardoned. *Fact* Chief Petty Officer Gallagher was convicted of and pardoned for the crime of re-enlisting at a politically inconvenient location,… Read more »


    I have no doubt Chief Petty Officer Gallagher is an undisciplined cowboy, and an asshole. Every navy seal I’ve ever met is. So the fact that his guys thought he was a dick? Who cares. Lots of senior NCOs are. In fact that tends to be what you want.

    Marines can go either way, but to my knowledge I’ve never worked with any force recon types.

    Army SF guys are universally cool, working with, learning from or learning with.

    Delta guys are cool to work with.

    Air Force JTACs are cool.

    tiki god

    lol “forced”.


    They were ordered to testify. Under the UCMJ they do not have the option not to.


    More than once I’ve had to fill out sworn statements, which are under oath. Lying is serious jail time under UCMJ. Sometimes over some very stupid things. Once was over a cracked window. Facilities mantiance swore it wasn’t broken when we signed for the building. The guys sleeping at that end of the room swore it was. I was at the far end, never noticed the window had a crack in it. Sworn statement went something like this: “prior to being told to fill out a sworn statement I had no knowledge about the window in question. I am still… Read more »

    tiki god

    that’s my point, they were ordered to tell the truth, and they chose to tell the truth.


    Yep, and he wasn’t convicted on any of the actually serious charges. Found not guilty on all of them.

    The only thing he was convicted of was posing in a photo.

    That was it.


    How do you manage to type spinning that fast…?


    LOL, me thinks he doth protest too much.