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    Brevity Truta

    These are all in the Tower Records Occ Health and Safety Manual as examples of unfortunate cover art episodes.

    From top left, clockwise: 1) The piano caught on fire and also swallowed the woman sitting on it, spat out a bunch of bones and a bra. 2) The broom caught in the blue cape and five sets of long legs “turn a little more to the left… that’s it… a bit mor- !” – bitch get off my cape and out of my shot, panic ensued within three minutes everyone was strangled, including the photographer, a tea lady, and a passing busload of tourists.

    3) The middle guy’s hairpiece was from a backstreet taxidermist and was actually stunned roadkill, a wolverine that came to and was not happy. Good thing the jackets were red, it didn’t look quite so awful afterwards. 4) No -one thought to file the can’s edges before the band members climbed in there. True troopers, they kept smiling for the shoot even as decapitated heads. 5) Rogue hand (see it at far left ) moving in for the kill and 6) photographer: ” all at once, a little to the left, a little more look into the viewfinder keep stepping… yes…”

    All preventable, except for rogue hand. No-one can ever risk assess that fucker away.

    So gory, goodness, where did that come from. Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel in a can, fairytales can be pretty gruesome, not as bad as these records most likely sound though.


    The Twilight Zone called; they want you to come back.

    Brevity Truta

    Hey I upvoted. Someone voted your comment down, jedi, possibly because calling me weird … well, thank you anonymous person. I might take the comment seriously and go fire up the ol’ TZ Hopper transport device, and you do not want to get a fuel bill for that wasted trip.

    I like making sense of Storms’ -adjective overload- galleries, because frankly, looking at just the Links one – Mr Yessss did you say butter cake? on the left, Mr Maybe it’s a mistake to embrace “Yes I look like John Lennon” so fully, and Determined Hockey Goalie Kent Dunbar – then a can full of people, and the rest, WTF, right? It’s funny, I do not enjoy sorting odd colourful character socks and whose damn jocks are those in a load of washing half as much.

    Lol, I mean, thanks mates.


    I’ll call your response and raise you 200 fish nipples.

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