Comic Review for week of October 9 2019


Calling this the “Pyro” issue is technically correct, but man is it missing the point of the issue.

I’m still saving these for when I have them all, which I think I’m like one issue away from having them. Then I’ll need to find time!

A great wrap up of the Black Cat story, laying the ground for her to come back later as a less bad person.

I can’t tell about this book. Is it actually racist? or are they doing a poor job at satirizing someone that’s been satirized more effectively by others?

Purchased both at the same time due to the LCS forgetting to pull one for me last week. Good short horror stories!

Not much happens here, but then again, nothing ever really happens of note in these lead-in comics.

Saving for a rainy day.

Fantastic cover, absolute garbage story and art.

I think I missed a couple issues here, but I’m somewhat familiar with what’s going on, so maybe I didn’t. Regardless, this is another “nothing is going to happen” prequel, this time to a video game.

Fantastic battle between bounty hunters and Vader.

This is it, my final GI Joe comic for a while. It’s not a bad one and in fact makes me think that maybe I should buy the rest of this story.

Ah, Watchmen #1, a great start to a long story that really said some cool things but drug on way too long to really hold my attention.


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