Spoopy Clown

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    Brevity Truta

    Going by a trusted source who saw it the other night, I’m waiting for this one on the small screen, even then prolly will skip. Loved Part One. This one plays like “a horror comedy” and has some unfortunate elements. Read on for how it ends

    Instead of the World Turtle ritual being the source of PW’s demise, the gang taunt him down to a small, helpless, killable size with variations on “You’re a clown” in a scene described as “Like he’s being shamed into making a YouTube apology video”. Her acting it all out and the descriptions had me crying with laughter. Pretty sure Pennywise was good with being a fucking clown, lmfao. There’s more unfortunate elements, but that’ll do for me contributing to decisions on whether to throw money at it on the big screen or not.