Comic Review for week of August 21st 2019

Events on the cover do not happen in the book. Not to say that this a bad cover (might complain about what she has on it though), or that the story inside is bad, just a weird fetish of mine is to complain when the advertisement on the cover doesn’t reflect the story being sold inside.

First issue of her third or fourth series, she finally has a name, though that was given to her in the previous series. Marvel has really leaned into the idea of just re-numbering the series when sales start to lag, luckily they’re also using the legacy numbers along with this, so it’s the best of both worlds. This was my first issue of any of her series that I’ve read and my only exposure to her has been through the spider-verse storline, then the spider-verse movie. I love the concept, and I love her costume, but as of this issue I’m learning that it’s alive somehow? Might be a symbiote? I dunno! I may or may not go back to buy previous issues to find out, but I feel like she’s one of those characters that has most of her growth in series that are not her own, primarily the spider-man books, and to figure out her story is going to be a serious pain in the ass.

She’s getting into politics! What a waste of a fantastic character!

They’re still on the run from the bad guys from the first issue, I’m on the fence on if I like these characters or not.

Star Wars story about the bad guys killing the good guys, but being sympathetic while they kill them. ehhhhh.

MODOK is triumphant! Mostly!

The art direction is pretty weird, but I’m still enjoying the Marvel Action books more than the mainline Marvel books.

I can’t remember if 616 Black Cat had luck based abilities, all I remember about her is that she was a burgler that hooked up with Spidey a few times. She’s a luck based burgler here in the MA universe, but there’s been no Spidey flirting yet.

Golly I’m enjoying the Adventure books!

… I only bought it because of the Art Germ cover, but this storyline is weak sauce, throwing out the last 20-30 years worth of story and just pick up where the author previously left things when he left the character in ye olden days.


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