Sony vs Disney

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    Letting Sony have such power over Spider-Man was a mistake. Marvel has to bow down to a mediocre electronics company to get permission to use THEIR OWN CHARACTER in THEIR OWN STUDIO’S MOVIES. And now Sony has decided to take a ball that isn’t theirs and go home.

    tiki god

    marvel had no choice in the matter, they were bankrupt and had to sell off assets. At the time, they were making some really shitty movies like the original Fantastic Four movie or the Nick Fury movie with david hasselhoff, so they auctioned off the movie rights to many of their characters like spider-man, iron man, hulk, and the x-men. marvel still owned all the toy rights and all the comic books rights and all the television rights, they only sold off the movie rights. fast forward 30 years and now disney owns them and they’ve bought back nearly all… Read more »


    My understanding is that it was a dumb deal with Walmart, during the trading card era, that drove MARVEL to the edge.