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    What’s President Trump going to do, what can he do? It’s not a gun issue it’s a mental health issue. More people are dying in school and other places from knife attacks. Apparently, gun-free zones are the most dangerous places in America.


    HE COULD START BY NOT MAKING THINGS WORSE THE MOMENT HE TOOK OFFICE>>> One Of Trump’s First Actions Reversed An Obama Rule On Guns And Mental Impairment


    That story is a complete lie.

    A person is not mentally incompetent in the legal sense because they are not able to manage money.

    It requires a court order.

    The executive order was not only illegal, it was unconstitutional.

    tiki god

    you’re splitting a mighty fine hair there. sure, your answer is “it’s a mental health issue”, but that’s not the question that’s being asked. the question being asked is “why are we giving mentally ill people guns” or more to the point “why are we not taking guns from people that say they’re going to use them to kill innocent people”.


    Repeal the second amendment, burn out anyone who refuses to give up their guns. If you can’t find them, kill their families. I’d rather have someone chasing me with a knife, something I could out-run or potentially defend against to some degree by holding up my arm; than someone who can spray a hundreds of supersonic projectiles a minute. It is so fucking moronic and intellectually dishonest to take the position that just because removing guns doesn’t entirely resolve the issues of violence in a society that we shouldn’t even try. Every day 100 Americans are killed by guns and… Read more »


    Bring it Soong. We’re waiting.