Comic Review for week of August 16th 2019

The end of a relatively interesting story that never really captured me. This was my first real introduction to the character and for all intents and purposes she’s a fairly irredeemable character

Two fun stories in a book that has a legit spine.

Good wrap up of a story that I would have read 10+ issues of. I hope they revist this planet and history again.

Spock rocks the vote, all while the Enterprise is helplessly floating around space doing not much of anything because of a mutiny attempt.

Good wrap up, I suggest this mini series, it’s goooood.

I have all the back issues for this on order and they should be to me by next review!

I’m still surprised at how earnest and wholesome this series has ended up being. Sure, it opens on a decapitation, but that served the story well.

Hit-girl makes some new friends!
Hit-girl’s new friends get all shot up!

“You wanted Vader? Well here he is!” he says as he runs from Vader. i’m happy to see this bounty hunter back in action, and i’m really happy I read star wars 108 before this series started.


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