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You can buy one of these for about $100 here in the US.

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    There are two reasons to own this:
    1. You want to go nuts at a range.
    2. You want to kill a lot of people in a very short time.

    If you need this to hunt, you suck at hunting and should get your meat from the grocery store.


    Hunting isn’t just about meat, it is also about population control.

    This would be good for groundhogs, coyotes, and other vermin, if you wanted the challenge of being close. However at $2,000 +, there are way better carbines out there, as .45 acp makes an awful carbine round.

    tiki god

    I don’t think even the best marksman would be able to use this thing at 100 feet, much less 1,000 for “population control”. Wouldn’t hit even a single pig in a group of about 40-50 feral pigs if they were running around your front yard while your kids play.


    (you can’t buy this for $100 unless its made of plastic and not actually a gun)

    tiki god

    I was referring to the drum.