Color out of Space

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    I am curious how they pull this off, the hook of the story is that the color itself is visibly indescribable.

    tiki god

    I think a good example of what they might do is the ending of that one manbearpig movie with Natalie Portman, I could describe the crystal trees and alien to you, but it wouldn’t do it justice.


    Being unfamiliar with manbearpig; I looked it up.
    I will watch “Annihilation” in the next week, sounds interesting.
    Thank you.

    tiki god

    Yeah, I blank on the name of that movie every time I try to suggest it, it’s a worthy name but it doesn’t make sense until the very end of the film.

    if you have the opportunity to watch it in pitch dark and with surround sound, i would highly suggest it.


    I would be hard pressed to believe that the seed, from which the novel and screenplay behind this movie sprang, was not Lovecraft’s, Color Out of Space.
    Far more sophisticated and realized, but… yeah, the incomprehensible made visual.

    The art director had to have realized this: Beautifully produced, the Shimmer went way beyond the play of light off the skin of an oil slick/black opal look that I had envisioned when I originally read Lovecraft’s short story.

    It’s a shame that, Annihilation, was not received better. It’s Lovecraft done well!

    tiki god

    Honestly, I would have skipped it entirely, but I had just gotten moviepass, so it was “free” to see.

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