Comic Review for week of August 7th 2019

Borderline pornography, but boy howdy does it take it’s basic premise and run with it. I’m going to get the collections and see how I like them.

Punisher is asked to team up with Night Thrasher, Moon Knight, and another mysterious guest star. I dig the idea here and where they’re going with it.

Still enjoying the story, still digging the black and white covers.

This was a huge month for Image Firsts, with a few good ones like Unnatural and this one “Trees”, which is about a post first contact Earth in which the Aliens don’t even recognize us as something they’d like to communicate with. Another one that I’ll eventually get the trades for and consume at a later date.

Dan Abnett can do no wrong, I’ll die on this hill if I have to.

I love the story they’re telling here, but absolutely hate the art style.

Honeymooners getting busy in the back rooms of the Honeymoon Hotel!

Is this the same Ice Cream Man that shows up in the DC comics as well? I’m a fan of the horror story that’s going on here but have no clue what the ICM has to offer. Interesting enough to suggest the issue to anyone interested in horror stories, but not interesting enough to check out other issues.

I’ve been buying this series since I noticed my LCS had nearly the entire run for cover price, and I’m still missing about 4 issues, so I was holding them all until I had the entire run, but then I forgot I was doing that and read this one. Guess I’ll have to move up my purchases of the other missing issues so I can just read through them all asap, because I loved this first issue.

I have no clue why I put this on my pull list. It was an ok story, but I can’t remember what the hook was that got me interested.

I was not prepared for how weird this story was going to be, but I’ll keep an eye out for trades at future conventions, it seemed interesting enough to read the full story.

Warren Ellis is one of the good writers out there, and this was a good first issue, but there’s no story elements that would make me come back to this.

This comic was not made available to me, either through LCS or Diamond problems.

I remember buying and reading the first issue of this series and not being interested in what they were putting down. That remains to be the truth.

Not new, but still needs a mention:
Robin: Son of Batman
LCS had nearly the entire run for $.25 an issue, so I grabbed these and read through most of them. Great art and great story, all featuring a character that I haven’t really had much exposure to, the new Robin, which is the actual son of Bruce Wayne. I missed out on all these shenanigans when they were originally happening, as I had checked out of the comic book scene for a bit, but I’m happy to have the opportunity to read them now.


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