Ghost Spider Clones


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    Ghost Spider? That’s Spider-Gwen, you uncultured rube.


    The worst thing about Tiki’s deliberately misleading and/or misspelled titles, is that you never know if this is the time that he actually DOES fuck up. It’s like insurance-by-trolling.

    tiki god

    She has a new official name now, because she obviously can’t go through life using her secret name as her codename, right? and there’s already 3 or 4 spider-women in the marvel universe, so now she’s going by ghost spider, for multiple reasons:

    Primarily because Gwen Stacy is a fucking ghost in most of the universes and her death is one of the motivations of the main stream peter parker.


    Aw jeeeez. It’s worse than I thought. Now we also have to wonder whether he’s actually right when he is so obviously wrong. Ugh!

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