Comic Review for week of July 31 2019

I’m reading this and asking, who are these characters and why do I not recognize their motivations?

Fantastic story and fantastic art, I love what is being done here.

Best shot of this issue was when she was looking into a mirror and talking about her origins, which I had no idea about. Valiant does that a fair bit, where they just throw characters out there with no introduction or “previously on”, so I guess I should come to expect that.

I had no clue that Warren Ellis did a Carnage storyline and it’s everything I could hope for.

looked like a good jumping on point, I’m still saving the previous few issues to read at a later date, I’m still missing #2 due to Diamond or LCS shenanigans.

The theme park comes to life!

A.I. storyline stumbles on, I only have a couple more issues of this book to get through.

Two good stories sandwiching an absolute shit show of a story involving one of the worst characters in the worst of the Disney Star Wars films, with a hamfisted story line about why you should just blindly trust someone telling you to shoot yourself in the head. Admiral Holdo was silly in the movie and she’s even worse here.


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