Comic Review for week of April 24th 2019


First issue of the “galaxy’s edge” series and I’m already bored.

Sorta obscessed with Vader, sorta dead because of it.

Awesome story gets more awesome.

Rocket’s origin story is weird AF, but I think it would fit in to the MCU with some slight tweaks.

This was an odd choice for a True Believers book, as it’s the first in a 12 issue storyline, which I guess isn’t TOO weird if you view these things as ads for a trade collection that’s about to come out.

This goes for all the Star Wars True Believers this month: Marvel only just recently got the license for the books back and as such they only have a few years of recent history to mine for promotional content to be used in the TB series of books. That being the case, it’s weird to see TB books from issues that came out just a couple years ago, with the exception of Star Wars #107 from Marvel’s original run. I missed the vast majority of that series when it first ran, so from everything I’m seeing, it was a weird and wacky world of completely goofy but cool stuff that I may need to check out more in depth.

Best book of the week, this series really hits the ground running and I love the idea of moving forward a decade or two in time. Hype!

My comic shop neglected to pull this for me, and still hasn’t been able to get a copy for me yet. This is beginning to be a problem >:(

A great restart/origin story that’s continuing to be great.

A not so great restart to the Firefly comics that continues to not be all that great.

What an absolute horror of an issue. I’m going to make a note of both the author and artists and try to avoid them in the future, this just isn’t for me.

A confusing issue of a confusing series.

I’m thinking I need to go back and re-read this entire series, I feel like I may have missed something important.

Valiant books have had a weird history of dipping in quality, then immediately coming right back up. This is one of those dips, I just don’t understand this character, nor her motivations.

See Below:

Having two #1 issues of Star Trek that open with a TOS story was a mistake. I can’t remember which is which and to be honest, I don’t care to, both are perfectly ok stories, but separating them in my mind is difficult. IIRC, the Year Five story is the better of the two, but the Waypoint Special had the benefit of having multiple stories, some of which were good and at least one that was so confusing that I actively hated it by the end. Sidenote, Waypoint has nothing to do with the Encounter at Farpoint, which was my original assumption.


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