Comic Review for week of July 3rd 2019

A nice wrapup of a series that I came in about halfway for. It could have used some more polish, but what we ended up with was still a fantasticly drawn and scripted book.

I’m really digging this series of unrelated stories that have been released previously by PUBLISHER, but I happened to miss.

I’m also really digging this series of unrelated one shot stories. LOG and BIRD are amazing analogues or Conan.

Final Issue?

There’s an audio version of this story as well. It’s not my cup of tea, but I love seeing this type of medium flipping.

This story is absolutely bonkers in the best way possible.

The first couple issues of Scrimshaw had me on the fence, but now that they’re moving the story along, I’m digging what they’re putting down.

A time jump didn’t help me feel connected to the story, I barely recognize everyone involved, which is a shame, I was just starting to feel like this was a great story.

First issue of a new mark millar series, with a very strong start.

Remember that Mobster episode from TOS? It’s back, taking some really cool leaps of imagination to make that planet less of a joke.

Chewing and Lando enter into a space race with an unexpected informant. The A story is much better than the B story this time around.

I’m not sure if I’m on board with every backstory for Finn making him out to be a saint amongst sinners, never having to pull the trigger when ordered to kill innocents.

Someone’s put a bounty out on Darth Vader! I bet it was the Emperor!

Franks back in the US and with some IRL message on how he feels about police using his logo while being cops. Spoiler: cops should used The Punisher’s methods or logos.

American Carnage, speaking only as I could about a comic I can’t remember much of even though I read it just last night.

Lady venom? ok.


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