Comic Book Review for May 1st 2019

A good story of Han Solo during the rebellion.

This is the only good Punisher story going on now, shut up.

Mantis has a wacky origin that has no connection at all to the character in the MCU.

I remember this story when it was originally published and might actually have it in a box somewhere around my house. It was a good story then, it’s a good story now.

An amazing story of what Maul is capable of, I enjoyed it.

I bought this, but never read it. I’m ok with that decision.

Why would the Rebels have a jail?

I love Thrawn as a character, but I’m not really too sure I’m 100% on board with what Disney is doing with the character.

Man, DC just can’t figure out how to do a Universe crossover these days. With this, the watchmen one, the clock one, the Heroes in Crisis one, none of them seem to be landing very well in my book, and this seems to be just more bad stuff.

The 4001AD series is what first attracted me to Valiant as a publisher, so I’m really happy there are new stories being set in that time period.

How is IDW able to publish better Marvel books than Marvel can?

Incidentally, I need to keep a log of what’s what in this universe.

I’m digging where they’re going with this story, but it still smacks of background stories that will be wiped out with the next Star Wars tv series in some way.

Love the art, loved the story.


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