Comic Review for week of February 20th 2019

Ah, there it is, the twist I was expecting. It landed pretty well though!

A great first issue, set between seasons, so I’m sure they’re not going to destroy the ship or kill off main characters. I’m sure they knew that people would expect that though, so they’re going in directions that fill in back plots and introduce some cool third party characters from off the ship.

This must be the 5th or 6th “Annual #1”. I miss the days they just named the annuals after the year and didn’t number them. This was an ok issue, not much really stuck in my head.

The silver surfer is somehow taken as hostage by Carnage. I didn’t read this back when it was originally published but now I’m really curious about what the backstory is and how SS gets out of the situation.

I remember the doppelganger from only a single issue, but apparently he showed up in a few other issue, which is pretty cool. I liked him as a character.

I somehow missed two issues of this series. I’m pretty sure my LCS is to blame this time and not diamond, but that’s always up in the air, isn’t it? Was it diamond that forgot to ship the correct number of issues or was it my shop that forgot to pull it for me? And honestly I should have noticed at the time that they were missing, so ultimately, it’s my own dang fault. Regardless of the two missing issues, this issue was a fun read and I apparently didn’t miss much of anything.

Meh. The robot/A.I. storyline is overstaying it’s welcome, and I’m nearly 100% certain I’m not going to be happy with how it’s resolved.

Hit-Girl makes friends and kills nobody in this issue, but several dudes get their peens cut off and put into a box.

End of storyline #2, and what a fantastic ending it was!

I didn’t order this originally because I assumed “classics” meant that it was a reprint and at full price. Turns out it’s not a reprint and IDW is just really confused on what to name their Marvel books. LCS saved me a copy though!

Aliens are here to be our friends, or so they say. As you would expect, they are not being as friendly as humanity would hope.

Saving to fill back issues.

A new interior artist has things looking weird, but the story is pretty solid.

Tie Fighters fighting fighters for the future of the Empire. Other than some mildly interesting rebellion stuff, this issue wasn’t anything that I’m too excited about.


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