a great kids book


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    You misspelled “Donald Trump”

    /typical right wing misdirection
    //can’t defend Trump, so gotta bring up Clinton or Obama

    tiki god

    Donny was on the planes too, but Bill Clinton definitely was on the same plane, just at different times. he has flight records of who else was on the plane though, so they’ve been able to verify that Bill wasn’t fucking children on the flights, but no one has been able to back up what Donny’s saying, surprise, surprise.


    More then likely he waited until he was on the island.


    It’s not deflection. EVERYONE that participated in Epstein’s kiddie-rape getaways needs to fucking burn.


    With fire. Preferably with a napalm base, although a strong argument could be made for a slow wood fire burning the way the North American Indian tribes preferred.