I hope Jeffrey Epstein sings like a bird And if some Democrats go down so be it Jill Filipovic

Holding people accountable for abusing girls should be nonpartisan. Sadly, in the Trump era of lowered expectations, we can’t count on that


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    Trump is 100% against Epstein. He was even banned from his casino’s back in 2011-2012. Stop trying to make this an anti Trump thing. Geez it’s so pathetic and obvious on this site.

    tiki god

    dude was accused of raping a kid at one of Epstein’s places back in the day. the reason that they had a falling out was because they had a dick measuring contest and trump won with the help of his new found russian backers.


    Oh wait, you really don’t know that Trump use to go to all his parties….?


    dude, google…. trump calendar girl party


    Video has surfaced of Trump forcibly kissing an underage girl who clearly doesn’t want it. That’s just the tip of the iceburg. Face it, your boy Trump is a pedo.


    I wonder who watches Fox News…

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