This is a nightmare A woman fell asleep mid-flight and woke up trapped in a dark plane alone

Tiffani O’Brien wrote on Facebook that she now suffers from insomnia and “reoccurring night terrors.”

How do people do this? I have an incredibly hard time falling asleep anywhere that i’m not 100% sure that I’m going to be safe.


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    Being prone to unsafe behavior, is the nature’s way of “cleaning the pool”, so you should be happy.

    Brevity Truta

    I read the story and smell a lawsuit. At least a bid to get lifetime business class upgrade, maybe some free tickets. I mean sure, people can be traumatised by all kinds of things, but man… “terror and helplessness?” She’d called her friend who knew where she was. She got around the plane, found a flashlight, even tried the radio, signalled for help in quite an ingenious way. Sure, waking up like that would be freaky but then haven’t we all been disoriented and a bit scared waking up in the dark in a strange place? Wouldn’t have been pitch… Read more »