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Well, someone needs to sort things out.


I was referring to the wrong video initially showing up in the post. But, yeah… I seem to have become old and out of touch… GET OFF MY LAWN! Damn kids.

Brevity Truta

Oh, right. No way to keep track of even a fraction of anything these days, and you’re not missing out. Do like me a bit of the Queer Eye, OITNB and Ru Paul’s Drag Race, though haven’t watched a season of that in a long time. I was told by someone far younger than you or I that Taylor Swift is so uncool these days she is doing the tactic of getting cooler celebs in her videos, like here, to boost her cred. She’s loaded, and pays well, apparently. Who cares? Exactly, lol. Glad so many people have watched the… Read more »

Brevity Truta

Thought it was about her, found it dumb, especially the trailer park humble lol setting. Was checking it out (yes sucked in by the storyline a bit) thinking to say something about how “Calm Down” is annoying to hear when you’re mad. Cognitive dissonance started when I spied Tan France, (didn’t recognise the other famous folks to that point) and it only got worse. Crappy song, some trail blazing genuinely fab superstars in the clip and a cool message. 55 million hits on YouTube … yeah (looked) that was a roughly good guess. Also snakes and stones what? Is that… Read more »