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    tiki god

    these all look great except for the street lamp. wtf.

    tiki god

    Finger tattoos though, they get so faded and nasty so quickly.

    Brevity Truta

    So much wrong with the bat one. The species on the left, Brestus Finckulustus, is Amazonian, while the one on the right, Titus Pertinostrum, is found in Germany. Bats do not hang near lamps, and that model lamp is decidedly not Gothic, rather it is #234566 “La Prada” from Walmart’s Winter 2016 Homewares Collection. A longass way of saying wtf, I know. Details matter, fellas. Tattooists should care more about research, rather than spending so many painstaking hours buzzing away at the coalface.


    And to think if your observational powers were used for good!

    Brevity Truta

    Good? Psh. I think you mean for something constructive, and yes I know, hahaha, workin’ on it mate, workin’ on it.