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    Seriously, the last thing you want is to make a polar bear cease to fear humans.


    I wonder what fraction of adult polar bears have ever experienced fear when confronted with a human.


    I think this pic might be fake. Bears do not have thumbs, I don’t think they can grasp anything in one hand(paw).
    If it truly was trying to take something, it would have to use both paws or its mouth.


    Perhaps the bear is holding up the paw indicating that no remuneration is necessary; the man taking the troublesome cub is payment in itself.

    Brevity Truta

    A few replies to this one got me curious. Did a little bit of digging. It’s a tin of condensed milk the bear is taking.

    Link to the story below, if you don’t read Russian it will offer to translate; browser translator, so it’ll be rough as guts and add a layer of weirdness to the guy’s story, but the gist comes through.



    Thank you!

    Brevity Truta

    You’re welcome. He sounds a bit like the guy that got killed by a grizzly bear in Alaska, but not so arrogant and annoying and maybe that kept him alive. Ah yes, Timothy Treadwell Werner Herzong has moved mountains (well, boats across mountains) to make films, I cannot imagine a living Timothy Treadwell would have been easier to deal with. On gists. Songs are that much easier to understand, it’s nice to put the translator aside and just listen to the emotion of it and be taken on the music’s journey. Have finished listening just now to a playlist in… Read more »