Level 106 Sophus Alf Agerbaek-Larsen Deep Rock Galactic

 Level 106: Sophus Alf Agerbæk Larsen (Deep Rock Galactic)

If I were a PC gamer, I’d lose my job to a game like Deep Rock Galactic. Co-op shooter meets Minecraft? Sign me up yesterday.

The music is a blast, composed by Sophus Alf Agerbæk-Larsen, largely inspired by synth wave. It’s the first game Sophus scored, and I’m certain it won’t be his last.

by Sophus Alf Agerbæk-Larsen from Deep Rock Galactic unless noted

Into the Abyss
Attack of the Glyphids
Main Title to The Thing by Ennio Morricone
Into the Abyss
March of the Brave
I Am Lost
They’re Here
They’re Here
Beneath the Crust
Coward’s Crossing
Coward’s Crossing
Hold My Beard
Into The Abyss
Robot Getaway
Principle of Darkness
Main Theme to Interstellar by Hans Zimmer
Overture to Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Riccardo Muti / Vienna Philharmonic)
Ode to the Fallen
Ode to the Fallen
Robot Getaway

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