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Okay, So Tiki is rooting for Pocahontas.

Does she even have a chance at the Democratic nomination against the two old white guy frontrunners?


Isn’t that what they said about Trump and the Republican candidates? Crazier things have definitely happened.


Who is Pocohontas…?

tiki god

It’s a racist slur against Elizabeth Warren because she dared believe her family when they said they had distant native american heritage. Donald Trump has been calling her Pocahontas because he doesn’t have a memory good enough to remember her good name

tiki god

That type of open racism isn’t cool in general and won’t be tolerated here on MCS, keep it clean.


I don’t know how you could name call this as “racist” since you’re referring to a 100% white person? Well, 100% white minus 1/64th or 1/1024 South / Central Native American, whatever the fraction is. Elizabeth Warren is as fraudulent as Rachel Dolezal, but Warren was able to leverage the lie to advance her career at a number of places, including Harvard Law (where they promoted her as the law school’s first “woman of color” — www.politico.com/blogs/burns-haberman/2012/05/fordham-piece-called-warren-harvard-laws-first-woman-of-color-123526 ) Anyways, good luck to her getting past the two old — and same ethnicity — guys. I’m soooo looking forward to watching… Read more »

tiki god

it’s the ethnic slur that you used that I’m objecting to.


I’d rather see Betsy DeVos replaced with the corpse of Betsy DeVos.


Equals as far as worthwhile accomplishments.