Survey Drunk shopping is a 45 billion industry

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First, we had drunk dialing, then drunk texting, but now, we have a new alcohol-fueled regret to watch out for… drunk shopping.

Survey: Drunk shopping is a $45 billion industry originally appeared on Internet-D on March 31, 2019.

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    Brevity Truta

    Drunk shopping? What. Local bars might just need to encourage their impulsive drunk shopping customer base back with longer happy hours, more smoking areas and bubble – wrapped barmaids.


    Weak people shouldn’t be drinking in the first place.


    Alcohol has never been known as a fortitude strengthener for anyone.


    And who said it was ?


    Let me rephrase: Alcohol will bring the strongest people to their knees.


    If you drink regularly, and more than the “prescribed” glass of wine, absolutely.
    That’s why ^


    Drunk shagging’s been at the top of the list for regrets for almost ever but doesn’t make the list?


    I’d likely go to Walmart more often if they handed me a cold beer as I walked in the door!

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