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Man they just can’t let this one go. He’s not guilty of anything. The Democrats lost fair and square. Let it go already.

tiki god

lmao! “not guilty of anything”, but he’s admitted he colluded and tired to interfere with investigations, as well as bribing people.


While the whole Russia thing might well be a stupid red herring that the Dems are chasing after for no good reason, that orange motherfucker has committed a good dozen impeachable offenses since taking office, and has a decades-long history of corruption, scam and grift. You have to be really, truly, monumentally ignorant or disingenuous to claim otherwise.


Let it go? When 2 years into his term he still holds campaign rallies, leading chants of “Lock her up”? Not guilty? Of praising white supremacists and religious zealots? Of promising to drain the swamp and then putting lobbyists and billionaires into as many appointed positions as he can? Of raw dogging a porn star after his third wife gave birth to his fifth son? And paying her off? And lying about it? And lying about the payments? Of lying 70% of the time he opens his mouth to blubber out some 3rd grade word salad? He jerks north korea… Read more »


He did not admit to anything. Stop watching CNN and NPR and get your facts straight already.

tiki god

These were direct interviews. There’s a few of them, one of the first was when he said he fired the FBI Director because of “the russia thing” and the latest was when he says he talked to his now convicted personal lawyer about a pardon if he wouldn’t testify against him.


One day it will dawn on Trump’s supporters/defenders that he’s not just lying to everyone else.


He’s not gonna give you a blowie for defending him online. Man, Trump could eat a human baby on live TV and his supporters would be trading baby recipes by the next sundown.