Democrats wont let Fox News host primary debates citing inappropriate relationship with Trump

 Democrats wont let Fox News host primary debates, citing inappropriate relationship with Trump

The DNC cites a recent article in The New Yorker that characterized Fox as an agent of the Trump White House.

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    That’s a loss for those voters who want to be fully informed.

    I would prefer candidates (Repub or Demo) to be able to deftly handle tough debate questions from biased networks, and I’m guessing CNN & MSNBC are going to be friendlier venues to candidates they prefer (Kamala, Bernie) versus ones they don’t prefer (Joe Biden — e.g. here’s a story with a stacked panel: ).

    tiki god

    None of the televised debates are structured in a way that they’re actually debates, they’re more of a rebuttal Q&A show.

    The concern that has caused Fox so much trouble is that they take even that limited amount of uncertainty (what questions will be asked?) and just gave the questions to the candidate of their choosing.

    tiki god

    No, I’m not confused at all, but you’re definitely projecting.

    Also, just because someone else does something wrong doesn’t make it ok for someone else to do something wrong too.


    No one who wants to be fully informed watches Fox. They edited out the applause from all of Obama’s speeches to make it look like he had zero support. They cannot be trusted to tell the truth.