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“Suspended with pay.” Yeah, that’s called a paid vacation.

tiki god

That’s the correct route to go though, he’s innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.


Clearly, the Cop was rushing over the help suspected perp over a trip area, stumbled himself, and the suspected perp helped steady him with his face.

Brevity Truta

Wondered what the guy in cuffs was under arrest for, thinking it might be something terrible. “Brian Crespo… accused of dealing in stolen airbags”.
Regueiro’s best defence at this point: “I was just uh makin’ a joke, checkin’ for stolen property… shoulda gone off when I tapped him right?”

Innocent Bystander

If he truly would be held accountable for his actions than every cop there would have rushed to put him in cuffs instead of acting like nothing happened. The process for his investigation should be exactly the same as if the roles were reversed. The police are not above the law and until that is changed we will only have lip service to Justice. Every other cop there should be charged under RICO.