Youtube wants to remove the dislike button

Comments should be the first thing to go, not the up/down voting

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    Recently a bunch of meme site edgelords decided to use the downvote button to bully a video because it didn’t contain the content they wanted. Half of them didn’t even watch the video, they just accepted that it was the “in” thing for their crowd to mass-downvote the video. This site had downvoting on comments for a bit. It went away for this very reason: it was used for bullying by people who merely disagreed with reasonable comments. You’d expect mass downvoting (with likely sockpuppet accounts) to only be used against racist comments and other actually unacceptable stuff. You’d be… Read more »


    Gawdammit, that just burns my britches! I mean, yeah, I’m a shithead too. But at least I have the decency to be ashamed of it.


    So a downvote on youtube is bullying? I’ve never been a fan of those that cry snowflake but… well, here we are. I downvote half your posts because they are ill conceived and poorly reasoned. I’m a bully; please be an hero.