The Darkest Minds

91qKgAZAszL. RI SX300 225x300 The Darkest Minds

After teens with mysterious abilities are detained by the government, Ruby, one of the most powerful, escapes and joins a group of other runaways in a resistance to take back control.

Here’s a novel concept: people suddenly get powers and the rest of the worlds hates them, fears them, and hunts them down. I joke, but there’s a lot of x-men / mutant similarities here. It wasn’t until I looked up the movie on amazon that I learned it’s based on a series of four novels that I’m eventually going to check out. Sometimes there’s a good science fiction YA series behind a mediocre movie (I Am Number Five, etc).

I enjoyed the lead actress, Amandla Stenberg, she was the one shining star in an otherwise mediocre film, but I’d be interested in seeing the sequel if they ever crunch the numbers and want to do one. She’s also no stranger to post apocalyptic YA stories, she played Rue in the Hunger Game movies.

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