you are evil

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    I like Josh Brolins’ Thanos. But, cutiing the universes’ population in half is a weak sauce story plot.


    How so?


    Not all lifeforms are as consuming and destructive as others.
    Not all individuals are equal; an unfortunate roll of the dice can leave you with mostly or only the undesirable.
    Without additional sanctions, the half that is left will eventually reproduce back to unsustainable numbers.


    Actually, Thanos just fucked over all life on Earth. Colony Collapse Disorder is something that happens to bees. When enough of the colony dies, the entire colony dies. 90% of our plant-based food is pollinated by bees. Suddenly we have mass starvation. Then we go to war over the food supply. Don’t tell me no one’s getting nuked. And once one nuke is set off, they all get launched.


    Excellent point! From the general to the specific.