Liberals Suck

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    I’ve been sitting here try ing to think of something clever to post for the last few minutes.
    I’ve got nothing. They have said it all.
    At least they are letting us know well in advance who they are so we know who not to throw a life raft to next time Florida is under water.

    tiki god

    hey now, not everyone here in Florida is ‘tarded. about half of the voters this last time voted for the good guy


    Since you have no such distinguishing marks on your car that would indicate you being ‘tarded , you would absolutely be receiving a life raft. Just make sure the non-tarded half of the population doesn’t stand too close to the ‘tarded half so we know where to focus the efforts ;).


    Doesn’t Florida have a large Hispanic population?
    Curious where he feels safe to park this vehicle…?

    tiki god

    in south florida, sure, but that leaves a vast ocean of whiteness from miami on up.

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