The end of paper tickets for movies

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I’m going to admit, this is going to be a whiny post about technology moving forever forward and leaving nostalgia behind. I’ve always enjoyed going to the movies, and I enjoy it even more going alone, watching a movie is definitely not something that requires someone you know to participate in, especially now that the internet has so many people on it, I’m never at a loss when I try to find someone else that’s just watched a movie that just came out, or even just watched a movie that came out 40 years ago that I also just watched.

I’ve tried to keep my movie ticket stubs from my 30 years of going to movies to some limited success, but as of 2018 I’m throwing in the towel. I’ve asked several of the companies that sell tickets, including AMC why they don’t include paper tickets and it usually boils down to the fact that everyone has a PDA on them at all times, and they’re not very likely to lose it since they’re usually several hundred dollars. I have a great book of movie stubs that I’ve frequently gone back to to see how I felt about a movie, but with the advent of paperless ticketing as the only option for movies, I’m finding more and more that I’m having to use my own blog to find the information instead of using a physical book. I love that book, but now I guess I’ll need to import all the movies from the physical pages into my site as pictures and blog posts. This isn’t just for movies too, several of the recent festivals I’ve gone to were digital only as well.

That’s all well and fine and normally I champion progress that results in less paper waste, but there’s something personal about the movie stub that I know I got back in ’98 and can still look at instead of a picture of a QR code or just a blog entry. I’ll always have my book, but it feels like the end of something more important, something more substantial.

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